I have been working with clay since I was a little kid. I do not even remember the first time I touched it. I feel indebted to the great public-school art instructors who first introduced me to clay, the wheel, glazing, wedging, reclaiming clay, all of it. After college and university, I started working as an International Architect. Its impact was a long dry period away from clay as arts.

Just before I got married, I quit my busy job and relocated to Dubai to become a stay-at-home-mom. I there discovered a pottery studio close to my place and it was then that I resurfaced and got my balance on clay clay-earth again. I am so very grateful to pottery as it has opened a world of fabulous people, artists, and dear friends for me.

Pottery is always there for me, like a true friend. It has been my confidant, therapist, comforter, instigator, and challenger. It has given me a unique way to discover, express and define myself. It has provided me with something beautiful to share with others. But honestly and most of all, I just love the way it often – no – most times, has the upper hand until it reveals the final surprise.