As a potter, I am not interested in production pottery. I much prefer exploring the process in a less result-oriented context. Becoming a potter to me meant embarking on a journey, destination unknown. On this journey, I must remain open minded, observant and humble in order to explore the possibilities and ideas that present themselves through our environment and nature. I need to be intuitive and respectful of my heritage, experience and sense of aesthetics instilled by my surroundings, upbringing and education.

Pottery making is a very technical craft, through diligent practice, repetition and perseverance I have begun to grasp the layers of skill and understanding required to make proper pottery. In the potter’s craft, I need to be humble to accept the challenges and embrace them as a learning opportunity rather that an obstacle and discouragement. For me the process requires a quiet and a calm mind, hands and eyes working together in order to execute an idea into a tangible object.

Amani Eltigani Badur – Korbijn 💞